"Creativity Will Save the World." ~Einstein - What Parents Say
GREENWAY Creative Learning Center - "Creativity will save the world" ~Einstein

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"My kids started at Greenway when my maternity leave ended. They made me feel like I was leaving my kids with family. Their teaching concepts are great and the teachers are fantastic! I highly recommend Greenway." ~Caroline M

"Great daycare concept and wonderful teachers. Would recommend to everyone!!!" ~Devan S.

"There is no child care center in the world like this one and I thank my lucky stars every day that we live close enough to be in the Greenway community!" ~Liz

"Greenway is my second home, a family! The place to be with a shared vision amongst teachers for your child's growth & development ♡ Forever a "Greenwoman", inspiring your children each and everyday with unique learning experiences based on the image of the whole child as capable and competent with their observed interests or needs. Highly recommend Greenway CLC to any family -- amazing guidance, directorship, co-teachers, to children and parents!" ~Miss Jaclyn (Whitehall Teacher)

"I couldn't have been happier or more blessed to have found Greenway CLC. There is no other learning center like it in the Lehigh Valley. They are focused on the child and they combine several early childcare learning methods (Reggio, Waldorf, Montessori etc) and combine it organic food, art, music, yoga, and plenty of outdoor time, with an Eco-friendly twist. I sent all three of my children here from 7 months-6 years and they truly LOVE it. They feel loved, heard, understood and happy and even when they're having a rough challenging day Greenway gives them the tools to feel empowered to figure out what's troubling them. That's how childhood should be. (Plus, Deb, Sara, and all the teachers are also truly awesome which makes it even more amazing!). Love this place so much and if there were an adult version I would be there!" ~Larissa N.

"What an amazing place! The teachers are attentive, understanding, and energetic. The program focuses on your child's personal development in creative and thoughtful ways while teaching your child mindfulness. I love the focus on nature and learning through play! My son is so happy here and talks about his teachers all the time. It's like having family take care of him! Cannot recommend enough!!!!" ~Cassie B.

"Hard working group of women that whole heartedly care about child development!" ~Nica D.

"Awesome place - my son loves it! We couldn't be happier!" ~Kevin B. 
Greenway Whitehall/Coplay
3119 Seiples Station Rd
Whitehall, PA 18052
Palmer Twp/ Easton
3508 Greenway St,
Easton, PA 18045