"Creativity Will Save the World." ~Einstein - About Greenway

 In addition to how well a child knows their ABC's and 123's it is crucial that they develop mindfulness, coping skills, a sense of their authentic  place in the natural world, and the ability to think creatively and critically.  By learning to care for their surroundings, experiencing free creative time, having lightly guided natural social interactions, and time for quiet exploration children are able to develop a healthy sense of self, social responsibility and life skills. 

Part of our unique and time tested program, is our Greenway Garden.  Every Spring we plant and grow our own organic garden that the children start from seed and enjoy all Summer! 

At Greenway we recognize that we belong to a larger community and learn the value of service through Community Service & Support in the Lehigh Valley and Beyond:
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Peaceable Kingdom Animal Shelter
  • Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter
  • Lakota Reservation at Pine Ridge. 
  • Whitehall Food Pantry
  • Project Keep Warm
  • Full Circle Veggies
  • Empowered Birth
  • La Leche League

    A Message from Greenway Founder, Deb Miller:
"As a child, I spent many hours roaming the 80 acres of woods behind my house in Plainfield Township, getting to know the trees, rocks and woodland animals.  I loved sketching pictures of the world around me,  building things, riding horses and  growing things in the garden!  
When it came time to find care for my own children, I looked around at what was available and thought...we can do better.  So I brought my love of the outdoors, art and common sense to a new generation of children who otherwise may only get to know a plastic world.  More and more research comes out weekly providing the science behind our program.  "Creativity will save the world".
Greenway is my passion and giving today's children the opportunity to meet the world up close and experience it's vitality through art and self expression is my mission." 
"The Hurried Child"
"Punished by Rewards"
"The Everyday Genius"
"Learning All the Time"
"Awakening Your Child's Natural Genius"
"Endangered Minds"
"The Healing Home"
"Kids Are Worth It" 
"Loose Parts"

3119 Seiples Station Rd,
Whitehall, PA 18052
3508 Greenway St,
Easton, PA 18045

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